St. Johns County

Citizens for a New Tree Ordinance

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in spring 2015 These beautiful sand oak covered lots in vilano beach were clear cut.  a grassroots intiative for change was born from the destruction..

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Important News!

Public Meeting on Proposed Changes for

Tree Preservation

February 22, 2018  3pm

1st Floor Conference Room, Permit Building

4040 Lewis Speedway

St. Augustine, FL

     Citz4Trees has proposed amendments to the Land    Development Code for tree preservation.  

  The North East Florida Builders Council has   proposed amendments to:

  •     Insure developers ability to clear cut trees. 
  •    Decrease the size of and reduce by half the number of required replacement trees after clearcutting.
  •     Eliminate protections for bald eagle nests.
  •      Prevent the county administrator from designating Native trees to be saved from clear cutting as Specimen trees.
  •      Delete all existing code regarding Habitat Management for the Bald Eagle
  •      Add storm ponds to the area that counts as "Open Space"
  •      And more...