Citizens for a New Tree Ordinance © 2013

in spring 2015 These beautiful sand oak covered lots in vilano beach were clear cut.  a grassroots intiative for change was born from the destruction..

St. Johns County

Citizens for a New Tree Ordinance

     How can you help?​

   1.   Write an e-mail to the St. Johns       County Commissioners:

   James Johns

   Jeb Smilth 

   Paul Waldron

   Jeremiah Blocker 

   Henry Dean

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November 2019 Update!

     At the May 7, 2019 County Commissioners Meeting

  • Commissioners unanamously agreed the clear cutting of our county had to stop.
  • Commissioners felt there "had to be a better way"
  • They advised staff to come back with a proposal that stopped the clear cutting .

                           What Happened?

     1.   In August a new draft proposal was shared with    

         Citz4Trees and the Developers who attended

​         stakeholder meetings at the County.  A meeting

         with the Commissioners was scheduled for  

         September 3, 2019.

     2.  Citz4Trees reviewed the draft and assessed the

           changes were an overall positive for tree


      3.  Subsequently, the link to the draft was 

         inactivated and the meeting was cancelled.

     4.  Citz4Trees has not received an explanation why!