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St. Johns County

Citizens for a New Tree Ordinance

in spring 2015 These beautiful sand oak covered lots in vilano beach were clear cut.  a grassroots intiative for change was born from the destruction..

     The Bottom Line:

     County staff has heard the stakeholder comments     and are now making changes to the LDC to present to   the commissioners.   

     We will need a lot of support when this comes before the commissioners!!! 

Important News!

     Citz4Trees has: 

  • Participated as stakeholders at two recent meetings with county staff on our proposed amendments to the Land Development Code (LDC) to preserve trees.  
  • Met individually with all County Commissioners.

  North East Florida Builders Council has:   

  •   Participated in the same county meetings.  They have proposed LDC amendments to:
    • Insure developers ability to clear cut trees. 
    • Decrease the size of and reduce by half the number of required replacement trees after clearcutting.
    •  Eliminate protections for bald eagle nests.
    •  Prevent the county administrator from designating Native trees to be saved from clear cutting as Specimen trees.
    •   Delete all existing code regarding Habitat Management for the Bald Eagle.
    •   Add storm ponds to the area that counts as "Open Space"
    •   And more...